Data consulting services

WMDC data management consulting

Value proposition

  • Help you identify the real priorities and secure the success of your digital projects.
  • Contribute to the skills development of your employees, the crucial condition for success and sustainability.

Reasons to work with WMDC

  • The security of being accompanied throughout the whole mission by a Senior profile
  • Ability to simultaneously address the global vision and operational aspects
  • Business, data and technology skills
  • Experience in the implementation of Data Management in an international industrial group: complete cycle of 7 years, from the beginnings to maturity
  • Trilingual (French, English, German), ability to grasp the subtleties of the interlocutors in their mother tongue

A global approach: Business, IT and Data Management

Thanks to varied professional experiences, an exceptional ability to understand, align and advance all stakeholders:

  • Business: Marketing, Communication, Sales, Sales force support, Trade marketing, E-commerce, Distribution, product information
  • Information technologies: IT project manager, Developer, Architect, IT studies, Data Management, Data quality



  • French: native language
  • German: working language, B2
  • English: working language, B2, TOEIC 950
  • Italian: basic, A2

Enterprise data management

  • Data Architect, expert in data modeling (Data models, MCD, MLD, MPD). Product and Customer data models
  • Terminology optimization expert: glossaries, dictionaries, chatbots, search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Master Data Management Consultant
  • Data quality expert (quality rules, dashboards)
  • Data Migration Consultant (ETL)

Product data management system

  • Software building blocks of the Product data management system: Ideation, PLM, PDM, ERP, Terminology (Glossary, Translations, SEO), PIM-DAM, Publishing, e-commerce
  • Chronological stages of product data creation: Ideation, Development, Industrialization, Production, Supply chain, Sales and commercial, Marketing communication
  • Product data: identification, reference data, technical data, industrial data, logistics data, sales and marketing data
  • Global data management: attributes, granularity, rules, relationships, relationship properties, data exchange standards, mapping, product combination

Operational excellence

  • Issue, problem solving (PDCA, DMAIC, Toyota A3, 8D)
  • Process modeling: Value Stream Mapping (VSM), SIPOC
  • Process improvement (BPR, BPMN)
  • 5S LEAN Office

Program and project management

  • Preliminary studies (diagnosis, target architecture, project scenarios)
  • Project plan (specific framework, Microsoft Project)
  • Prototyping of applications
  • Specifications writing

Prototyping of applications before project

In data-driven IT projects, it's common for the project team to be disappointed with deliverables (compared to the initial PowerPoint presentations). Because PowerPoint slides and other literary descriptions of project deliverables leave too much room for interpretation for stakeholders. Project stakeholders do not always have the abstraction capacities necessary to imagine the concrete consequences of the project on their daily work. This is why the production of functional models (Excel or Access) is essential to secure projects. The datasets are small but should be realistic.

Benefits of pre-project application mockups:

  • Priorities: Discussions focus on the essentials, not the details.
  • Stability: discrepancies are managed during prototyping and no longer poisoning the execution of the project.
  • Alignment: all parts have a precise and identical representation of their future tool at the end of the project.
  • Time savings: writing the specifications is secure and easier.

Software, IT

  • Data catalog, Data Quality, MDM
  • Process design and Enterprise Architecture
  • SQL and VBA developer
  • Excel (expert) and Access
  • Data analysis
  • MS Project


  • Technologies (CMS, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Traffic creation (SEO)
  • Content Marketing


  • PAO
  • Powerpoint, Word, Visio
  • Photographer and videographer

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