WMDC, Data Management Consulting

Data Management on the critical path to your success

  • The Digital transformation places data at the heart of the concerns of the company.
  • The acceleration of time induced by technology requires reacting quickly and well to stay in the race.
  • Experience shows that every business is special, every situation specific.
  • WMDC can help you integrate good practices of Data Management corresponding to your needs.
  • WMDC's specialty: advising you in your first steps, helping you make the right diagnoses and identify the real priorities.

Data Management : definition and principles

  • Definition: a strategy that organizes the company around data, and methods to manage it.
  • Challenges for companies: reliability of management tools, operational security, cost control, ability to develop the business.
  • A (new) role: interface between businesses and technology, to place data at the center of projects.
  • Areas of application: compliance, analytics, data science, engineering, marketing, operations.

Data management  Data quality issues

WMDC, data management consulting services

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